June 14, 2022

Importance of Children's Dental Health

The importance of children's primary or baby teeth is often overlooked due to the perception that they are temporary and, therefore, don't require the same care as permanent teeth. This is far from the truth. These 20 tiny little teeth need to last a long time, from a baby's first tooth at approximately 6 months of age, to the loss of their last baby tooth at the approximate age of 12. During this time they have an important role to play and require care.

We all know that baby teeth help your child eat and chew food for good nutrition, but they also serve important roles such as assisting in speech development, proper jaw development and maintaining space for developing permanent teeth. Teeth also help children explore their environment and, of course, create a beautiful smile and build self-esteem. Taking care of your child's teeth at all stages is important.

Good Habits Start Early

Good habits start from birth and carry through for many years! Here are a few helpful suggestion for caring for your child's teeth:

  •  Start oral habits early by cleaning baby's gums with a soft damp cloth twice a day, especially before nighttime sleep.
  • Once teeth erupt, brush your baby's teeth twice a day, using a soft tooth or a finger brush with plain water or non-fluoridated toothpaste, especially before a longer sleep.
  • See a dentist before the age of 1 for a well-baby visit. Your dentist will check for proper tooth eruption, cavities, and will review diet and hygiene recommendations.
  • As your preschooler starts to spit out toothpaste with regularity, fluoride toothpaste can be introduced. Only a very small amount is needed to have the topical benefit of fluoride, no more than the size of a pea.
  • For children younger than 6, it is a good idea to help them brush. Watch them do it and then follow up with brush and floss by an adult, making sure toothpaste is not being swallowed.
  • Flossing should be introduced as early as possible to clean in between teeth. These areas are vulnerable to cavities in baby teeth. Floss picks make this process easier.
  • In general, limit sugar intake by keeping candy, gum, juice, pop and processed food to a minimum and delay introducing them as long as possible.
  • Visit your dentist every 6 months and inform your oral health professional of habits such as finger or thumb sucking or grinding teeth.

Preventive Children's Dental Care 

Preventive dental care for children is the key to good oral health for your child and a foundation for lifelong dental health and habits. This is a partnership with care at home and professional dental treatment.

Dentists have options to prevent, reverse and treat problems that arise. The topical placement of fluoride at dental visits has been invaluable in reducing risk of cavities in children for years. In the quest for additional tools in the prevention of dental disease, silver diamide fluoride (SDF) solution is a great new adjunct. SDF can be used to prevent and also to reverse/stop the cavity process in certain circumstances. If further treatment is required, there are options to keep your child's teeth healthy through minimally invasive treatments, such as dental sealants, preventive restorations (fillings) and more.

Preventive oral care doesn't stop with treating teeth. Dentists can help with stubborn habits like finger or thumb sucking. Development of the jaw, tooth alignment and function of the bite/occlusion can be guided and corrected. Braces, removable appliances, or clear aligners are invaluable tools in your dental professional tool box.

How to Make Your Child's Visit Easier

Keeping in mind all the ways dentists can help in getting your child on track to good oral health, it's important to talk about how to make children more comfortable at these early visits. Dental anxiety cannot be ignored, for adults and children alike. Dental professionals help by explaining dental procedures with words your child understands, and help to guide your child through an appointment that may be initially scary to a young child. Dentists and their teams work hard to help build positive experiences for their young patients.

It is best, as a parent or caregiver, to avoid imparting feelings of fear or anxiety towards a dental visit. Make a dental visit fun by using statements like their teeth will be counted and brushed, it's an opportunity to go for a ride in the dental chair. Praise your child for doing well and keep a positive and calm attitude. Try to avoid bribery for a job well done, as this leads a child to believe that something bad will happen. If your child is nervous, bringing a favourite toy to hold during the appointment can help. Most children do very well with dental treatment and walk out with smiles on their faces. For those that need a little extra help or for more difficult procedures different forms of sedation are available to help relieve the stress of an appointment. Talk to your dental team if you have any concerns prior to your child's appointment.

Developing a healthy attitude toward dental habits and dental care is a priceless lifelong gift to nurture with your child! A happy, healthy smile starts young!

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